Wading through the complex realm of intellectual property protection and licensing can be tricky. Most people are not familiar with the process of determining ownership, commercialization rights, and legal responsibilities. If you are entering into a research agreement, clinical studies agreement, or a license agreement with a university, these critical issues need to be resolved early in your relationship. We, at the R&T Foundation, have created a communication network that will allow us to connect you with the right people.

And through our expertise in licensing university technology, we can provide you with an understanding of the university process and policies and enhance your ability to successfully establish a partnership with a research university. We can make this process simple and straightforward.

Whether you need to access university technology, need university resources to help you develop you technology, or simply want to understand the process, call us.

We want to foster an entrepreneurial culture in Louisiana . We want to help you succeed.

Call Arthur Cooper, CEO of the LSU System Research and Technology Foundation, at (225) 615-8904.