Tenants In the Louisiana Emerging Technology Center Include:

NuPotential LLC is addressing the high-growth cell therapeutics market by developing new systems for direct cell reprogramming and assessing the state of the cell throughout the reprogramming process.

Esperance Pharmaceuticals is developing a unique targeted anticancer drug that selectively kills cancer cells on contact. Targeting occurs thhrough specific receptors on the cell’s surface. The potent cytotoxic peptide portions of the drug kills even those cells known to be resistant to other common therapeutics.

BioJENC is an emerging biotech company developing peptide vacines against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other challenging infectious agents.


ProteoVec, a biopharmaceutical manufacturing company, has developed technology that significantly reduces the cost of producing gram to kilogram quantities of proteins for researchers through the use of continuous protein production from long-term fed-batch cultures in disposable vessels. Production of proteins can be done centrally or at the customer location. ProteoVec will meet industry needs by providing long continuous cultures and maximize return from less expensive disposable cultureware by reducing number of changeovers. This process will enable the research-to-development transition.